Maintaining your own up-to-date professional records is every bit as important as keeping your personal records, lesson plans and grade book organized.


Keeping these documents readily available can be critical for placement on the salary schedule, making sure your evaluation is fair and accurate, and ensuring you are considered highly qualified. Having these records can keep a problem from developing or becoming an issue at all.


Place the documents listed below in an easily accessible folder:



         Records of credits or clock hours earned

         All evaluations and your responses or comments

         Proof of Association membership (your WEA card or copy of it)

         Record of all the colleges you attended with dates and degrees

         Copy of your undergraduate and graduate transcripts

         Copy of your undergraduate and graduate degrees

         Record of commendations, awards and honors

         Copies of, or a listing of, your teaching schedule for the current and previous years

         Copies of letters to and from administrators



Additional information that is good to keep on hand:


         Records of incidents involving discipline violence or other disruptive student behavior

         Copies of letters or emails from administrators other than those from the above list

         Copies of letters, emails or notes from phone messages to and from parents and colleagues


Source: For Starters, The WEAs Handbook for New Teachers