WEA, NEA and your local association join forces to improve your work life.

Association membership -- local, council, state and national -- represents a chance to do more collectively to improve our public education system and our profession than we could ever do alone. Your local association represents an opportunity for you and your colleagues to support each other and work together to improve your working conditions and your students' learning conditions.

WEA Eastern Washington Council, a regional office of the WEA, staffed by education professionals and governed by members, provides greater opportunities for decision making, training and coalition building. Elected governance and local association delegates to WEA Eastern Washington Council decide the scope of activities undertaken by the council. Here are just a few of the accomplishments of the previous year:

  • The representation of many hundreds of members in local contract negotiations over the past year. Protecting members' employment rights by providing assistance with grievance procedures, disciplinary hearings, mediations and arbitrations.
  • Providing training and a forum for our members through programs such as coordinated bargaining, Take the lead, WEA Leadership Academy, local president networking, SPARKs, cluster and council meetings, the Council newsletter and website, and Council trainings including treasurers training, budget analysis, and grievance representation.
  • The WEA Eastern-Washington Community Outreach Grant program has funded a variety of association-community activities which have served to strengthen local associations, build positive community relationships, and to benefit students and children in general. Check the www.wea-eastern.org website for details and photos of some grant projects.
  • WEA Eastern Washington is a member of the Spokane Alliance, a broad-based community organization of education associations, churches, unions and other community groups which looks to support projects which benefit members and the region.


And, as a member of your local association you are also a member of the state and national organization:

Through the Washington Education Association and the National Education Association, members are provided with professional liability insurance and Dues Tab insurance (AD&D benefits) and a network attorney referral program which provides legal assistance for personal matters.

Also available, through NEA, are disability insurance, a Medicare supplement program, as well as auto and homeowners insurance, credit card, line of credit and mortgage loan programs. See the Member Benefits website at www.neamb.com for complete information.

Local, Council, State and National Association membership: Providing a unified voice for public education and public school employees!