School Computers



School Business



School computers are for school business. The district can track every website you visit.  


They can read any e-mail you send or receive.  It is important to use your computer as if the administration is watching over your shoulder which they are.


If you inquire about dear Aunt Marys health, they could have the inside scoop on your correspondence with her.  In addition, any member of the public can file a public records request for your e-mail correspondence.  Then, a local newspaper or a complete stranger might have information about your personal correspondence.


If you share your password or leave your computer up when you arent monitoring it, anyone could use it, creating a trail that leads back to you! Should you accidentally access or link to an improper website, immediately send an e-mail to your supervisor and provide full disclosure.  Follow this up with a conversation with him/her to protect yourself in an investigation to the greatest extent possible.  Failure to do so could jeopardize your employment status.


As a public school employee, your files, contents of your classroom, computer use, and computer contents are public domain.  Improper use can lead to termination and/or loss of your teaching certificate.