Legislation passed in 2007 allows newly hired teachers (only those who have never worked in a school district in Washington) the opportunity to choose between TRS Plan 2 or Plan 3.


As a new hire, you must return the completed Member Information Form to Payroll within 90 days from your first date of hire. If you don't make a decision, you will automatically default to enrollment in Plan 3.


Employees new to a district that have prior work experience in another Washington school district will automatically be enrolled in the same plan they had previously been enrolled in.

Keep in mind - once you select either Plan 2 or Plan 3, you may not be able to change plans at a later date, so weigh your options carefully. While Plan 2 members are allowed to switch later to Plan 3, anyone enrolled in Plan 3 will never be able to change.

You can get more information on the Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) website. DRS has prepared a 20 page booklet that will give you valuable information on the plans and give you access to the enrollment forms as well.