If you haven't already organized a professional file, this would be a good time to start.

 It is recommended that you maintain your own records to be able to verify and document any disputes that may arise over your salary, seniority, leaves, evaluations, and other employee-related matters.

Your file should include the following:

  • Up-to-date transcripts of all course work, including clock hours
  • All signed contracts, including extra-duty contracts
  • Copies of pre-approved leave forms
  • All observations, evaluations, and plans of improvement
  • All written directives or reprimands
  • Anecdotal records of conversations with students, parents, and administrators
  • All correspondence (including emails) between you and administrators
  • All correspondence (including emails) between you and parents, including complimentary notes
  • Descriptions of any incidents involving students, parents, colleagues, or administrators that could become an issue
  • Work/teaching schedules for current and past years
  • Commendations, awards, and honors
  • Proof of association membership and information on benefit programs
  • Current employee and student handbooks

It would be best to store this file in a safe place at your home