Personal Personnel Files

Question: What’s a Personal Personnel File (PPF)?

Answer: A PPF is one you keep that mirrors the personnel file kept by the school district. It is an invaluable tool and will  travel with you throughout your entire career.

Question: Paper or paperless?

Answer: Most district employment records are still kept on paper. So keep paper copies. Scanning copies may work, but if you have to produce paper copies to prove a point, an e-copy won’t do

Question: What should I save?

Answer: Begin this journey by collecting the following artifacts:

¨ Notice of hire from the school district

¨ Individual and supplemental contracts

¨ Payroll record forms, statements, etc.

¨ Time sheets, or extra duty pay forms

¨ Salary notification forms

¨ Medical, life, LTD, and salary insurance plans

¨ All retirement information

¨ Transcripts of all college and continuing education courses

¨ Teaching certificate(s)

¨ Clock hour forms and log

¨ All observation reports and evaluations

¨ All correspondence to/from supervisors

¨ Notes and cards of positive feedback from students and parents

¨ Student disciplinary referrals (with your notes)

Question: What else?

Answer: The not so personal but very important:

¨ Collective bargaining agreement (paper or e-copy)

¨ Names and phone numbers of your building rep, association president and UniServ Rep

Question: Where should I keep my PPF?

Answer: Keep ALL of this information at home not at school in a safe secure location.