How thoughtful are you about your use of your District issued technology and District email account? techguidelines

While most Districts are not in the business of policing their employees’ usage, at no time should you have any expectation of privacy when your District email and technology are concerned.

Since the District owns the email system and technology, it can monitor its use without your permission or even knowledge, unless your contract provides otherwise.

Did you know:

  • The District can access any email that is sent or received by your District email account?
  • The general public can make public records requests of your District emails?
  • The District can access any email that is sent or received to a personal email account if you do this while on your school computer?
  • The District can access comments you make about your supervisor, colleagues, students or their parents if made on your school computer? Before hitting send, think about how you would feel if your email was published in the local paper.
  • The District can access any conversations you have with your Union Representative if you do this on your District email or school computer?
  • The District can view your activity on a personal social media site if you access your account while on a school computer? Do you ever use your school computer to look at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,, eBay,, or post comments to a news story?
  • Most Districts forbid the use of District equipment for “Personal gain, commercial solicitation or compensation”? If you have a second job selling Pampered Chef products, sell items on Craigslist or are a paid coach for a hockey league, none of this activity should be conducted on your District equipment.