evaluationThe school year is well under way and many of you have been observed at least once by your supervisor. Observations are different from an end of year evaluation. Observations include notes, running commentary and are written up in a report format or on an evaluation form. Observations are intended to give you information – a snapshot of your life as a teacher. Once written, you should receive your observation report within three (3) days.

If your administrator does have concerns about your job performance or a colleague’s job performance be forewarned that observations and evaluations have become increasingly important. Supervisors have from October 15 through January 20 to determine whether or not a recommendation for probation is needed. If you or a co-worker needs assistance at any point in the evaluation process, please contact your local president and your UniServ Representative at 509-326-4046 or 888-525-4044. We have resources and experts who can help.