KEYS to Excellence for Your Schools


What makes a quality school? NEA researchers learned that successful schools consistently displayed the same 42 characteristics. The factors for success range from things that require financial resources to those that don't. Surveys are administered and scored to support local schools in producing the changes that will help students improve their performance. KEYS is a way to diagnose organizational health, explore remedies, and adopt new ways of dealing with the important decisions that can yield quality teaching and learning.

KEYS' ultimate goal is to help build quality learning environments where students improve their academic performance, where teachers and education support personnel are able to make good decisions, and where communities are proud of their schools.

A $20 fee is charged for staff participants to complete the KEYS Survey. This basic fee includes data analysis, report generation, delivery and detailed review of the data results, facilitated goal identification process, and development of an action plan. 

For more information, contact Shirley Jeffrey at (253) 765-7073; 800-622-3393, ext 7073;

Of Interest:
  • NEA Teacher Toolkit - a fully integrated web-based application that helps teachers make curricular decisions and also promotes communication with parents and students.


The KEYS staff welcomes your questions or comments: E-mail