Do You Need A Lawyer?

If you need a lawyer, the NEA provides WEA/NEA members with the services of an attorney at a discounted hourly rate. The Attorney Referral Program (ARP) is a service provided to NEA members (active, life, educational support or retired, their spouses and dependent children) who need services of an attorney on personal legal matters, i.e., not employment-related.

Participating ARP attorneys provide each member with two free 30-minute consultation sessions during each year of the program (September 1 through August 31). These two free consultations are taken separately and deal with two different questions. This benefit allows you to discuss your problem with an attorney to determine whether you need additional legal services. Do not expect the attorney to draft or review documents during a consultation. It is important to discuss any fee arrangements at your initial meeting.

If your problem falls within any of the areas listed below, the attorneys fees are discounted 30%:

Real estate matters;

Wills and estates;

Domestic relations;

Consumer protection; or

Traffic violations (includes DWI citations).

You may discuss almost any subject during one of your 30-minute conferences, although certain matters are excluded: members business dealings; preparation of income tax returns; bankruptcies, or defense of criminal violations (other than traffic).


The participating attorney will not represent a member in a suit against another member, the WEA, NEA affiliate, or a UniServ Council.


The exception to this would be in a separation or dissolution of marriage if your spouse is also an NEA member. Court costs, attorney out-of-pocket expenses, filing and service fees are not covered. If you obtain your own attorney, you will not receive the discounted rate.

Upon your initial visit to the attorneys office, you must present some evidence of NEA membership. Payment for all legal fees is the responsibility of the member.


The participating law firms are as follows:

J. Craig Barrile, Esq.

E. 53 Crawford

Deer Park, WA 99006


Phillabaum, Ledlin, Matthews & Sheldon

421 West Riverside

900 Paulsen Center

Spokane, WA 99201


Powell, Kuznetz & Parker, P.S.

316 W. Boone Ave., #380

Spokane, WA 99201-2346


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