Olympia Update!

The bill that relates to school assessments for significantly cognitive disabilities (the portfolio approach) was recently signed into law. The bill adds a new section to RCW 28A.655, which states that OSPI shall continue to work with stakeholders to develop and implement a process to transition from the current system to a performance task-based alternate assessment system based on state standards.

The bill acknowledges some concerns with the current portfolio process, but until such time as a performance task-based alternate assessment system is available, OSPI will continue to coordinate efforts to align academic content goals in a student's IEP by identifying detailed alternate assessment benchmarks, develop a transparent and reliable scoring process, efficiently use technology, and develop an approval process to shorten the time involved in developing and collecting assessment data for use in the current portfolio process.

The passage of this bill does not mean that the current portfolio process has been eliminated. The passage of the bill means that OSPI will continue the efforts in consultation with stakeholders to enhance the current portfolio process by linking it to student IEPs in preparation the possibility of a different assessment system for students with significant cognitive challenges based on common core standards.

Mark Anderson with questions.