General Counsel of NEA Alice O'Brien provided a brief update of ongoing cases and shared general information.

AEA v. Bentley -- update from Alabama -- this case challenges an Act that prohibits public employees from "arranging by payroll deduction or otherwise" for payments of dues to any membership organization that engages in "political activity" which the law defines in broad and unclear terms. The law also prohibits payroll deduction payments to political action committee. Arguments before the 11th Circuit scheduled for November.

Payroll deductions suit is also on-going in Arizona.

WEAC v. Walker -- update from Wisconsin -- sought an order/preliminary injunction against enforcement of Act 10 on the ground that the public safety carve out violated the Equal Protection Clause and the First Amendment of the US Constitution. The motion is still pending before the court.

IEA v. Luna -- Update from Idaho -- regarding SB 1108 which abolishes renewable contract status for all teachers (except those who held renewable contract status as of January 31, 20011), require evaluations 50 percent based on "objective measures" of student growth, limits challenges against discharge, limits collective bargaining agreements to one year. The suit challenges the entire law as a violation of the Idaho Constitution.

Parent Triggers -- NEA is also providing affiliate counsel information regarding parent trigger laws which allows the parents of students enrolled at a local school to petition a Local to adopt a specific school improvement scheme, the parent trigger laws undermine the provision of the SIG program.