When Hollywood releases a new teacher and union bashing movie on this Friday, Sept 28, consider inviting your PTA/PTSA officers over for a popcorn party and screening of Stand and Deliver or Dangerous Minds instead.

But be prepared. Won’t Back Down is the latest piece of anti-teachers’ union propaganda funded by the same people who brought us Waiting for Superman a few years back. It is the story about a school so messed up that the parents vote to take it over. It is so messed up that even Randi Weingarten, the AFT president so derided in Superman, said that if it were a real school, she’d have organized to take it over, too. Ahh, Hollywood, home of high drama and storytelling, but not so good with the facts.

Don’t let this Hollywood caricature bring you down. Note the great working relationships you have in your classroom with parents. Share your successes of how you have worked with parents to enhance educational experiences for your students. Have a story to tell? Contact WEA Communications Director Linda Mullen. We’ll use your real life examples to demonstrate the success educators achieve every day.