wearacoverWEA Eastern Washington sent a total of 42 delegates to the annual WEA Rep Assembly in Bellevue. Delegates were all elected locally to represent YOU, the members.


This year’s RA highlights, from the point of view of our members were the Rally in Olympia – “very well organized”, “nice to see education supporters in attendance”, “good speeches”, “crowd was excited, “good turnout from RA delegates,” were some of the comments.

Click here to see more about the rally in Olympia.

The other most-often mentioned highlight from RA was the Washington Teacher of the Year, Jeff Charbonneau, from Zillah, southeast of Yakima....


Jeff is a home grown Zillah native and wowed the crowd with his work ethic, and the ntoyfact that when granted the Teacher of the Year award, called down all his colleagues from the bleachers, because he said he was taught by some of the faculty members and should share the award with them. He is also the National Teacher of the Year.


chandlerDebby Chandler, from Spokane Education Association, was selected as the ESP of the Year for Washington. Debby shared stories from her childhood as well as some from her work at Rogers High School in Spokane. Both speakers got enthusiastic support from the RA delegates.


Two noteworthy New Business Items that passed for us locally were a WEA supported Eastside Summer U, which will take place every other year beginning in 2014, here in Spokane, and research by WEA to add payroll deduction for WEA PAC dues for community colleges, which has up to now not been available for the two year college members. These two wins were unexpected but very welcome by Eastern delegates.

This year’s RA elected Kim Mead, an Edmonds EA member, to be the new WEA President for 2013-14. mead

Mead said, "I am humbled to be the next elected leader of the Washington Education Association. Our strength is our ability to come together with diverse views, and through our democratic process, stand up for the best interests of public education and our members.”

millerStephen Miller, a Bellevue member, was elected to be the new Vice President.

"The members of our union know firsthand from their daily work what is necessary to provide an excellent public education for all students in Washington. "I encourage the citizens of Washington to join the members of WEA in telling the state Senate to respect the court's McCleary decision and fully fund our public schools and reduce class sizes for all students in Washington,” said Miller.

Their terms of office will begin immediately following the NEA Rep Assembly which will be held in Atlanta. Also elected were two new NEA Board Members; Pat Nicholson, from Central Kitsap,  and Bill Lyne, from Western Washington University.