actionalertYour voice urgently needs to be heard on Education Cuts:  
House Ways & Means Chair Ross Hunter, expressed surprise last week in a meeting that educators, principals, school board directors and administrators weren’t showing more outrage at current cuts and what is coming for 2011-13. Our members need to speak up and tell legislators their classroom stories about how the education cuts will affect their students both now and on into the future.
“We’re hearing from almost everyone but education about the budget cuts,” said Hunter. “It will be hard to protect even basic education dollars if we don’t start hearing about how these cuts will affect our kids’ education and how this will work at the local level.”
Apparently, everyone's energy is going toward protesting school district consolidation. But you can change that by cyber lobbying today! Tell your story!
Here is a way to get in touch with your legislator from your cell phone. It is quick and easy and more personal than a form letter or email. Call them at: 1-800-562-600. You can leave one message that will be distributed to all of your legislators.