marylA Message from Mary:

Dear colleagues,

It felt like this year’s legislative session would never end. We started in December with a special session, spent the winter months and then the spring in Olympia.

Not until the end of May did everyone leave Olympia. Nevertheless, you were there again and again when our Association needed you. Thank you for all of your hard work during this legislative session.

Thank you for coming to Olympia, often on short notice, to testify before committees. Thank you for the days you spent walking the halls of the O’Brien and Cherberg buildings lobbying your lawmakers. Thank you for hanging out at the doors of the chambers, waiting to grab your legislators for a few critical moments of conversation.  Thank you for baking cookies and standing out in the sun and rain to draw attention of legislators, lobbyists and citizens to issue of class size. Your hard work paid off.  We met many of our modest goals for this session in a brutal year of budget cuts. We kept the bad policy bills locked up for another year. Click here for the End of Session Report.

Unfortunately, challenges still lie ahead. We have to prepare for the next session and to position our organization for the 2012 elections and the following 2013 budget writing session. And I know I can count on you to be there again. Enjoy some time off this summer. Rest up and recharge your batteries.

And again, thanks.

Mary Lindquist
Washington Education Association