More news from Olympia..... (Updated: March 12)

* Levy Equalization is protected

* School Reform bill passed

* Finance Reform is coming soon

YOU really did make a difference!

The last time I updated I said that it looked like the WEA's preferred levy bill, HB2893, was dead, replaced instead by a far worse bill out of the Senate.  Things shifted on a dime, though, and on Tuesday 2893 was passed out of committee, and on Thursday (the last day of the legislative session!) 2893 passed out of the Senate and is on its way to the Governor's desk for a signature.  This is a huge bill for all the districts in Eastern Washington that collect levy equalization, and I appreciate all of you who called and emailed to help get it done!

Later on Thursday--one of the last bills to pass, in fact--the Senate took up SB6696.  It was amended in the House to include some different language on future school funding, and after a long back and forth (see here for more details) the Senate finally agreed and passed the bill on to the Governor for her signature.  We were able to get the bill passed without some of the worst language that other groups wanted (merit pay, no tenure, tying evaluation and test scores together), so this is a good win for all of us who believe in public education.

There's still some fighting to be done as the legislature goes into special session--we need them to come up with the funding for the increased levy equalization and to protect the K-4 class size enhancement--but we took some great steps in the last week.  Thank you for making your voice heard, and here's to the next stage!

And click here for an update from Rich Wood, the WEA Communications Specialist who works out of the Olympia office.

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