State Legislature goes into Special Session ..... (Updated: March 15)

The State Legislature is going into special session beginning today at 12:00pm.

The State Legislature is going into special session beginning today to try and get a budget passed. This next week will decide how levy equalization will be funded, whether we can save the class size reduction for grades K through 4, and how many education support professionals that state will fund. This essentially, will be the week that decides how many jobs we're able to preserve for next year.

A good first step is to visit the Our Voice WashingtonEA website to read the latest. There are a couple of key legislators who we need to contact and encourage to do the right thing for schools: John Driscoll, Lisa Brown, and Chris Marr. You can email them using the legislative website or click on their name above.

The key points to communicate are:

* HB2893 protected and expanded levy equalization for school districts in Eastern Washington; please make sure this remains a priority as the budget gets finished.

* All-day Kindergarten saves money in the long run by remediating learning difficulties and helps the highest-need schools in the state. Keep it as-is.

* The K-4 class size enhancement pays for 1,500 extra teachers across the state; if that money goes away, both unemployment and class size will go up.

* The classified staffing ratio pays for the paraprofessionals who work with our most at-risk kids; the bus drivers who get them to school; the supervisors that make recess possible; the custodians who keep the school healthy; and, the crossing guards that keep them safe going to and from school. THEY MATTER -- support the House classified ratio.

Please email me if you have questions.