wea-ew exec bd 11.04.09 010Hi friends,

Senator Brown's retirement bill had a hearing last Thursday before the Senate Ways and Means Committee; you can watch the testimony on TVW here:

Having the bill before the Ways and Means Committee gives us a pretty interesting opportunity since we have 4 of our 5 local senators on that body: Sen. Schoesler, Sen. Baxter, Sen. Baumgartner, and Senator Brown. The more emails they get on this particular bill, the better off we'll be for both this and any other retirement issues that might come up.

There was also a fiscal note that was released showing the bill would cost $9 million for the next two years, but that doesn't include the potential savings from the employees salary.

I'll let you know when I hear more! :-)



Feckless WEA-PAC Chair, WEA-Eastern