WEA-PAC in WEA Eastern Washington

Ryan Grant (Medical Lake EA President) is chair of the Advocacy Committee for Education, an Executive Board position in the WEA Eastern Washington Council. 

He facilitates WEA-PAC activities for the Council, including regular ACE meetings just prior to the Representative Council meetings. These meetings are open to all WEA-PAC members in the councils.

The ACE committee coordinates WEA-PAC drives in the council and Ryan represents the Council on the WEA-PAC Management Board.

The Council is responsible for candidate interviews for the 4th and 7th Legislative Districts and works jointly with the Spokane EA political committee, which is responsible for 3rd and 6th District candidate interviews.  These teams produce a voter guide and make candidate recommendations after conducting interviews with the candidates.  The committees also conduct interviews for recommendations of Federal candidates by the NEA-FCPE (Fund for Children and Public Education).

20% of WEA-PAC contributions by Council members are held by the Council to be used in local races which affect public education, including school board races.


When requested, the ACE committee works with local associations to conduct candidate interviews and to develop brochures and campaign support activities for these races.


For more information, please contact Ryan Grant.


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