WEA Political Action Committee

WEA members get involvedat a WEA-PAC convention in April.
WEA members get involved in the recommendation process for statewide offices at a WEA-PAC convention in April.

It's vital for public school employees to have a political voice

The governor, legislators, school board and a host of other elected public officials make policy decisions about compensation, school funding, accountability, testing, certification and countless other school issues, all vital to the health and survival of public education in our state.

Welcome to WEA-PAC, education's collective voice in our state for better public schools, and the political action arm of our Association.


Simply put, the mission of the WEA Political Action Committee, or WEA-PAC, is to help elect friends of education. No WEA dues money can be used for contributions to candidates for public office. Voluntary WEA-PAC contributions are what give WEA its clout in state and local elections.

Lovey Farler, a North Thurston Paraeducator.
Lovey Farler, a North Thurston Paraeducator and WEA-PAC member, understands the value of school employees speaking out in the political process.

Compensation remains WEA members' top priority

  • Voters passed Initiative 732 by nearly 63 percent in 2000. WEA was the major force behind the initiative. It provided all public school employees with an annual state-funded cost-of-living salary adjustment. But when the Legislature and Gov. Gary Locke suspended I-732 in 2003, many WEA members lost thousands of dollars in salary and retirement benefits.
  • Restoring funding for our COLAs in the 2005-2006 school year will be a top priority in the 2005 legislative session. Support for I-732 was a major issue in WEA-PAC recommendations during last fall's elections.

For more information about how to get involved locally, contact your local association leaders or Simone Boe, WEA's Coordinator of Political Organizing.