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It's never too early to pay attention to your retirement. The DRS website has information about your retirement no matter how far off that may be.


Don't let your teaching certificate lapse! certificate

  • An Initial Certificate is only valid for a period of 3 years.
  • A Continuing Certificate is only valid for a period of 5 years.

Certificates expire on June 30 regardless of the actual date on your certificate.

For more information regarding teacher certification, visit the OSPI website.




1)   Know the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

2)   Educate members on their rights and responsibilities under the CBA.

3)   Listen to members concerns.

4)   Advise members as to alternatives when they have problems.

5)   Be an observer at meetings with members and administration.

6)   Help facilitate understanding in tense meetings.

7)   Protect member rights.

8)   Represent: don’t judge!

9)   Maintain member confidentiality.

10) Advise your local president on the matter, rather than discussing it with another member.


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How thoughtful are you about your use of your District issued technology and District email account? techguidelines

While most Districts are not in the business of policing their employees’ usage, at no time should you have any expectation of privacy when your District email and technology are concerned.

Since the District owns the email system and technology, it can monitor its use without your permission or even knowledge, unless your contract provides otherwise.


natl board picIf you are a new teacher or classified member, you may be curious as to what your association dues entitle you to receive. Some of you who are more experienced may also have the same question.Here are some of the benefits that you receive as a member:

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